Picture Courtesy of Gary and Katy Day - Date unknown

Ed Dodd, Carl's father, on left

Rank and organization: First Lieutenant (then 2d Lt.), U.S. Army,
Company E, 5th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division.
Place and date: Near Subuk, Korea, 30 and 31 January 1951.
Entered service at: Kenvir, Ky.
Born: 21 April 1925, Evarts, Ky.
G.O. No.: 37, 4 June 1951.

Citation: 1st Lt. Dodd, Company E, distinguished himself by conspicuous
gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action
against the enemy.

  First Lt. Dodd, given the responsibility of spearheading an attack to
capture Hill 256, a key terrain feature defended by a well-armed, crafty
foe who had withstood several previous assaults, led his platoon forward
over hazardous terrain under hostile small-arms, mortar, and artillery fire
from well-camouflaged enemy emplacements which reached such intensity that
his men faltered. With utter disregard for his safety, 1st Lt. Dodd moved
among his men, reorganized and encouraged them, and then single-handedly
charged the first hostile machine gun nest, killing or wounding all its
occupants. Inspired by his incredible courage, his platoon responded
magnificently and, fixing bayonets and throwing grenades, closed on the
enemy and wiped out every hostile position as it moved relentlessly onward
to its initial objective. Securing the first series of enemy positions, 1st
Lt. Dodd again reorganized his platoon and led them across a narrow ridge
and onto Hill 256. Firing his rifle and throwing grenades, he advanced at
the head of his platoon despite the intense concentrated hostile fire which
was brought to bear on their narrow avenue of approach. When his platoon
was still 200 yards from the objective he moved ahead and with his last
grenade destroyed an enemy mortar killing the crew. Darkness then halted
the advance but at daybreak 1st Lt. Dodd, again boldly advancing ahead of
his unit, led the platoon through a dense fog against the remaining hostile
positions. With bayonet and grenades he continued to set pace without
regard for the danger to his life, until he and his troops had eliminated
the last of the defenders and had secured the final objective. First Lt.
Dodd's superb leadership and extraordinary heroism inspired his men to
overcome this strong enemy defense reflecting the highest credit upon
himself and upholding the esteemed traditions of the military service.

                                                    Courtesy of Carl H. Dodd, Jr

                                    Kentucky Highway Marker
      The following was contributed by Carl H. Dodd, Jr
Carl H. Dodd was born at what used to be Cotes Ky., I believe
near Kenvir,  to Ruby Eagle Dodd & Edward Dodd on 4-21-25.
He died at the V. A. Hospital  in Lexington Ky. on 13 Oct. 1996
at the age of 71.

Carl was married to Libbie Rose Dodd for 49 years, had 3
children, 8 grand children, and now has 2 great grand children.

Carl was in the Army twice with a total of approx 21 years
service. He retired in 1963 with the rank of Major. Served
in both WWII and Korean War and was a recipient of the
Medal of Honor  on 21 May 1951 during the Korean war.

After retiring from the military he entered the Federal
Civil Service and worked  another approx 16 years retiring
at the age of 62, living at Keavy Ky. for 34 years.

There is also a portion of Hwy 312 named in his honor at Keavy Ky.
(Major Carl H. Dodd Memorial Highway)

If asked how life had treated him
quote - Great, life is what you yourself make it. - unquote.

Carl's Hobbies were woodburnings, (wood crafts) also greatly
enjoyed talking to and being with young people.

He returned to Kenvir & Black Mountain to visit many times
shortly before and after he retired.

Carl H Dodd is buried at Cumberland Memorial Gardens Lily Ky. on U.S.
Hwy 25 between Corbin and London Ky. There is a Medal of Honor Marker
at the grave site. Also a Historical Road Side Marker at the entrance to the
cemetery with a brief history of Carl H. Dodd.

             The Carl H. Dodd Flag and  Medal of Honor Marker

                  More Carl H. Dodd Pictures

Korean War hero Carl Dodd defeated overwhelming odds

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